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Technical Department:  The basic function of this team is to take care of fleet management, including ship operations, manning, storing, repair and maintenance and dockings. The technical team is responsible for a fleet of bulk carrier vessels, in charge of planning, budgeting, organizing, coordinating and supervising all functions relating to the technical management of the fleet.

Purchasing Department: The main job of this department is to communicate with suppliers, ship chandlers and other such entities to procure licenses, purchase new fleet. This purchase department team works in guidance and collaboration with the technical team.
Operations Department: This department is responsible for ensuring that all operations of shipping take place smoothly and on time. The operations team is required to get port clearances, local agent appointment etc. 

Manning Department: This department is concerned with the recruitment and management of the sailing staff. Members of this team have to be in touch with the ships and the people on land to rotate crew and make sure that the fleet personnel are qualified, well trained and competent. The department works in close cooperation with the technical team, so that the correct person with required experience and knowledge lands up on the vessel.

The HSQE Department: The HSQE Department stands for Health Safety Security and Environment and is responsible for ongoing training and education programs, equipment dangers, procedural hazards, and accident prevention. While onboard, the HSQE Department ensures that people going on board have the correct competence required and are constantly aware of safety regulations and procedures.

The Accounting Department: The Accounting Department is responsible for covering budgets, reporting, accounting and finance arrangements. Regular reports are prepared for each operational department, each ship and for the company as a whole. 

The Chartering Department: The Chartering Department arranges employment for the vessels and is looking after for their operation. The team is handling bunker contracts for the company fleet and is responsible for securing cargo for the line or ship operator. This requires the agent to be in regular contact with local shippers and be ready to provide information on vessel schedules, and conditions of carriage. 

The ICT Department: The Information and Communications Technology Department is accountable for the operation, support and maintenance of all computer applications and systems, hardware and software that are used onboard and throughout the Company.